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Reconnect At The Saragossa Yoga & Food Retreat

Reconnect at the Saragossa Yoga & Food Retreat

You should never have to give an excuse for wanting to go on a yoga retreat, especially one that’s located in South Africa. After all, why not spend seven days reconnecting with yourself and the nature around you? Choose to meditate, take intuitive flow or ecstatic dance classes, remind yourself of the close connection between farm and home, relax at a spa, or even set out on hikes & walks around the Saragossa game reserve.

The Saragossa Game Reserve is located on the banks of the Eland River in the northeastern part of South Africa, surrounded by 1400 hectares of open space that you share with giraffes, hippos, zebras and even blue wildebeests. Going on a yoga retreat should be special. And what is more special than sharing this once-in-a-lifetime experience with only 14 other yogis, three teachers, one ecstatic dance musician and one yoga photographer?

Saragossa — a peaceful oasis in high Middeveld

If there was a perfect place to host a yoga retreat, Saragossa would be it. The game reserve is located in Mpumalanga, filled with long stretches of beautiful grassland, interspersed with savannahs, forested ravines and waterfalls. As the plains open up under beautiful bright blue skies, the Saragossa mountains are visible in the distance.

Imagine stepping into a place where you can truly be at peace with yourself, where people were conscious about the environment, and treated everyone with respect. At Saragossa, you can find that. The game reserve only cultivates organic produce, makes sure to use solar power when possible, recycles waste, and rehabilitates endangered flora and fauna.

Farm-to-table Philosophy

But perhaps the most important part about Saragossa is their food philosophy. Instead of the fast paced eating culture that can sometimes permeate into city life, Saragossa looks at food differently. Food is inherently connected to our well-being, so herbs should be picked fresh, vegetables should be organically grown and when possible, food should come from a local environment. That’s why for this retreat, we offer plant-based meals and farm lunches to truly connect with the nature around us.

Yoga retreats are meant to be memorable. We want you to make friends for life, connect with yourself, rekindle your love of nature, and let your love of food extend into your own love for yourself. Join us from March 3–10, 2019 at the Saragossa Yoga & Food Retreat.

Author: Gabriela Gricius, yoganect Team