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Who’s Teaching In Saragossa?

Who’s Teaching in Saragossa?

A yoga retreat is nothing without amazing teachers to guide you on your journey. Even in a place as wonderful as Saragossa, South Africa — the experience wouldn’t be be complete without the wonderful guides, teachers and photographers we have with us. Luckily alongside the beautiful plains, mountains and farm-to-table philosophy in Saragossa, we have a great lineup for you in March!

Our lineup
On this kind of rare retreat, we’re offering three teachers, one ecstatic dance musician and yoga photographer. Sarah Highfield is the founder of Yogagise, a movement that focuses around living a healthy, happy and balanced life. She’ll join us at Saragossa to teach Intuitive flow classes. Pilar de Miguel comes to us from Mallorca and is the founder of Balearic Retreats, where she brings the magic of Mysore and Ashtanga to her students. She will teach Meditation and Ashtanga based classes at Saragossa. Elnura Ashimova is the founder of yoganect, a social network for yogis. She’s a female entrepreneur, advocate for leading a healthy lifestyle and yoga teacher originally from Germany. She’ll be joining us in Saragossa for the entire trip, leading the retreat and teaching classes on the beautiful reserve.

Pascal de Lacaze hails from Berlin and has played music all around the world, balancing rhythm and modern drumming techniques to bring life into every yoga and meditation class. He’ll be providing music for Sarah’s Intuitive Flow classes and leading an ecstatic dance class for us. He is also a standing DJ and performs all around the world. Alessandro Sigismondi will be our yoga photographer, joining us in all our classes. He comes to us originally from Italy but has traveled all around the world from Europe to the United States and even to Asia. Since he began his photography career in 2012, he has shot over 300 videos and thousands more photos.

We’re so excited to have all of these amazing yogis with us on this retreat, with each of them bringing something special to the table. Join us from March 3–10, 2019 at the Saragossa Yoga & Food Retreat.

View our lineup and schedule.

Author: Gabriela Gricius, yoganect Team